December 14th, 2010

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An entry..?

I know it seems that I've basically started using this journal as my own personal Twitter log, but in all reality that's not entirely true. I use Twitter quite a bit and, honestly, I can say most all that I need to say in one or two lines for the day. I haven't had the time (or the computer) to sit down and do a real bloggy entry. I usually get a chance to do that when I'm where I am now... at work. Bleh. I'm just a little bit tired from work and I haven't even done that much.

So, my birthday was the 5th (for anyone that cares) and other than the half-ass "Oh, it's your birthday! I don't talk to you, but I'll say so anyway on your wall!" replies I got on facebook, there really wasn't much happy to it. I mean, I did go out of town and that was quite enjoyable in the beginning, but the rest of the time was rather blah.

I draaaaaaaaank Thursday night. I drank so much that I couldn't stop laughing or stand up straight. It was a great night really. Best time ever. Best part was that I woke up with no hangover and I remembered everything that happened. True, some of the conversations are a little bit fuzzy, but I can remember most all of it. I'm gonna have to go do that again sometime soon just because it was fun.

The rest of the weekend was half-bust. Chris was a total dick. Barely even cared to do anything with us. I even tried the "It's my birthday and I say do it" that I was using on everyone else and it failed. The boys never could figure out when my birthday was because I kept saying that all weekend. Lol. I don't care. It was my birthday weekend, dammit, and I was going to have fun. Overall, the trip was memorable, even if the memories aren't the best. If I get the chance, I'll put up the picture of my artwork that Kyle drew me later. I also got a Year One comic from Tarick and Marvin made me a cake. He's such a sweetie. Big ole softy.

I'm kinda dreading the end of the year for the simple fact that it's the end of the year and I'm working random odd days to cover for Steph's vacation. Eh, it's a living. I'm just glad that I'm done with my work for the week after tonight. I'm considering calling off my appointment with Dr. B Wednesday so I get a day to rest. I've been having neck pain and I really do need to go in, but I have been going non-stop since Thanksgiving and I'm exhausted. I need a very long nap.

So, sorry I've been neglecting my journal. :(