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This was going to be a new email to Dus, but I can't get myself to send it because I'm being such a brat about the whole thing...

Please take this with a handful of salt as I am extremely frustrated right now...

I have a serious question. If a character that was a PC is dropped and becomes an NPC, does the original player have any say in the fact if that NPC can now be killed in game? I can understand allowing them some say over who might be able to pick them up, but I really feel that if they dropped that character, they need to let them go. There is no reason for them to lord over that character if they're not going to play them. You can't have things both ways and I just feel like that's what Rikki's doing with Kacein. Yes, I understand she was originally her idea and, yes, I understand that Kris is supposed to pick her up, but can we be realistic for a moment? Look at all the problems Kris has had IRL and, though she's a wonderful gal, I just don't see that happening anytime soon.

This isn't the only thing that is frustrating me. I want to have Lucilius to do something with Corbin to either sever their connection or at least make her not love him anymore/as much and Rikki won't let me. Lucilius clearly has the power to do so as he is an extremely powerful telepath and, minus just fucking godmoding, I can't get her permission to do it because she wants to continue to push a line that I don't want to go on - Luc leaving Jesina/the wedding plans for her. If you haven't noticed as soon as Luc told Corbin to leave she lost all interest in playing her. I find that rather difficult to swallow really.

Any kind of guidance as to how to handle these situations would be nice. I'm about ready to scream and so I wanted to send you an email to follow up on the whole argument she and I had on your 'wanted characters' page. Sorry if I'm being a brat. I know you understand some of how I feel since we did discuss a few things, but this is just taking all my fun away right now.

Please don't tell me to talk it out with Rikki, because I'm quite sure I won't be able to be diplomatic enough to not be rude to her. I'm tired of the way things are being thrust upon me though I am trying to handle them without being a baby. I am not opposed to what is going on with my characters - I am opposed to how she's putting up a roadblock on things that can clearly be done by my character by saying that 'she's pretty slick.' She's suggesting that Lucilius can't possibly do what my character has the ability to do.

Much love to you though...


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