January 15th, 2011

[xkcd] Rapture

From Twitter 01-14-2011

  • 04:25:32: @Goldboxphoto - I agree 100%.
  • 08:36:01: I get tired of seeing "OMG TGIF!!!11" every Friday. Some people's work weeks begin on Friday, you know.
  • 22:42:22: I spent 3 hours walking. 723 calories burned. #LoseIt
  • 23:34:35: RT @FakeAPStylebook: A slash indicates that two different words are appropriate in a particular context. Slash indicates Kirk and Spock' ...
  • 23:36:01: RT @directionalpad: Please note: In the event of food all keyboards may double as a crumb tray.
  • 23:36:07: RT @wikileaks: You could be blacklisted for buying Julian Assange's memoir: http://theatln.tc/hYdAXm
  • 23:36:40: @orangeshirtguy - are there sheep involved here?
  • 23:39:30: @levarburton - Sounds like you field questions from all aspects of life. :)
  • 23:39:59: RT @wilw: Seamus (my dog) and Watson (my son's cat) are the best of friends. They snuggle like this every night. http://twitpic.com/3q3g7w
  • 23:41:28: @RealNichelle - it's a beautiful story. One that really has an impact because you were a role model for a generation.

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