January 22nd, 2011

[xkcd] Rapture

From Twitter 01-21-2011

  • 00:38:45: RT @Lord_Voldemort7: Snooki is a Best Selling Author. SNOOKI. Somewhere, in a stately manor home and/or castle, JK Rowling is shaking he ...
  • 03:42:34: @directionalpad - only thing that comes close is White Castle. That's what I had.
  • 04:17:32: @directionalpad - we only have Krystal here. I was out of town on my b-day and my buds took me to White Castle drunk. Fun times.
  • 20:53:36: RT @levarburton: Sitting down for an interview about Captain Planet! DVD Box set to be released soon! #captainplanet #TPIY
  • 20:54:13: @levarburton - LB, you have no clue how excited I am about that!!
  • 20:54:55: RT @StephenAtHome: American Idol is back, and I love the two new judges-- Jennifer Lopez and the elf from "Dark Crystal."

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