January 26th, 2011

[xkcd] Rapture

From Twitter 01-25-2011

  • 00:58:54: RT @StephenAtHome: Congratulations to the Packers and the Steelers! You're both a credit to the defunct industries that are your namesakes.
  • 00:59:50: @hoojoe - Yup.
  • 06:07:44: Sometimes I just wanna see a movie where the bad guy wins the epic confrontation at the end. I want it to be anticlimactic and boo-worthy.
  • 21:25:08: RT @shitmydadsays: "No. Aliens exist, I just don't think they came millions of light years
    just to see earth. Be like driving 1000 miles ...
  • 22:23:14: RT @wilw: Just realized that Anne's ringtone is the game start music from Ms. Pac-Man, while mine is the music from Pac-Man. C-C-C-COMBO!
  • 22:23:24: RT @levarburton: "...innovation, education & infrastructure will make America a better place!" @barackobama #SOTU
  • 22:24:21: RT @StephenAtHome: If Obama really believed the state of our union was strong, he would have proved it by karate chopping that podium in ...

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