February 15th, 2011

[xkcd] Rapture

From Twitter 02-14-2011

  • 02:03:30: RT @Sexstrology: #Sagittarius likes to surround themselves with some interesting characters. For instance, like the guy who can swallow ...
  • 05:30:43: So I had a set of dreams yesterday. The one thing they all had in common was black widow spiders. Interpretations anyone? I'm worried.
  • 08:12:45: RT @standaloneSA: RT @CharlotteGore: Ninjas are black, kittens are small. I love you internets, you have them all. #valentine
  • 18:14:12: RT @Sexstrology: The #Sagittarius have mastered the art of quiet, gentle persuasion.
  • 21:08:04: @sfosterphil - Me too man.
  • 21:08:18: @hoojoe - jealousy isn't. Envy is.
  • 21:08:28: RT @Sexstrology: The #Sagittarius may be procrastinators but do their best work under pressure.
  • 21:11:02: My St. Valentine's Day is being spent at work. Boo.
  • 22:57:44: RT @Sexstrology: A #Sagittarius can turn into a whiny child when bored.

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