March 11th, 2011

[xkcd] Rapture

From Twitter 03-10-2011

  • 06:09:56: RT @critsuccess: @wilw Stealing albums used to require stealth and dexterity. #thingsthedamnkidstodaywontbelieve
  • 06:10:29: RT @g33kn1k: @wilw There was a time you could only listen to half an album. Then you had to turn the cassette over. #thingsthedamnkidsto ...
  • 06:10:50: RT @wilw: There was a time when we answered the phone without knowing who was calling ... EVERY TIME. #thingsthedamnkidstodaywontbelieve
  • 06:11:07: RT @GeorgeTakei: The Democrats can't seem to hold a majority in the House. Well, the Federation could never maintain Warp 9.6. #ThisOne ...
  • 06:12:15: RT @grantimahara: OH in the office: "Vote Cthulhu. Why vote for the LESSER evil?"
  • 06:12:20: RT @grantimahara: Also OH in the office: "We're going FULL NERD here.""Yep."
  • 06:18:46: @wilw - Phones didn't always have buttons. You had to use this strange dial thing and actually talk. #thingsthedamnkidstodaywontbelieve
  • 06:20:40: RT @BeerSnobCT: @wilw When you were done playing a video game you couldn't save it. You just started over each time. #thingsthedamnkidst ...
  • 06:21:48: RT @RevBobMIB: Lady Gaga and Marilyn Manson were called Madonna and Alice Cooper...and had more talent. #thingsthedamnkidstodaywontbelieve
  • 06:33:51: What is it that has made me so cynical? Work has made me distrust people's motives. My relationships have made me distrust men.
  • 06:53:22: General Patton was one mean mother fucker, but he got the job done. #movies
  • 07:29:01: Also, Patton didn't get the chance to did like a soldier. I bet that made him feel horrible during his last days. He was a TRUE badass.
  • 12:12:06: RT @IJasonAlexander: If Prince Charles is nothing else, he is the worlds greatest son. Anyone else would have killed their mother by now.
  • 17:11:46: RT @DelReySpectra: Dark Tower fans: RT @suvudu: Stephen King Announces New Dark Tower Novel: “The Wind Through the Keyhole” http://bit.l ...
  • 17:13:35: RT @hijinksensue: New comic! Wheaton Comic Dare: Check Your Bag Before We Wreck Your Bag
  • 17:14:03: RT @LilMissCuntCake: Dear Rihanna, I absolutely don't believe that you like S&M when you can't even take a little hit to the face. Love, ...

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