March 22nd, 2011

[xkcd] Rapture

From Twitter 03-21-2011

  • 16:02:18: RT @wilw: My cat's rainy day schedule: 1. Chase ping pong ball around house for 20 minutes. 2. Sleep 2 hours. 3. Complain he can't go ou ...
  • 16:04:35: RT @GeorgeTakei: On this Nat'l Alien Abduction Day, I remind non-humans of the Prime Directive and demand cavity probes be strictly volu ...
  • 16:05:04: RT @alyankovic: What???
  • 16:05:37: RT @GeorgeTakei: SCORPIO: Seven is your number! As in, your likely number of illegitimate children and IRS audits. #ChildrenAndTaxes
  • 16:06:49: @TheRealNimoy - Well @alyankovic did and he's famous. It could have been you, Mr. Nimoy.

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