March 27th, 2011

[xkcd] Rapture

From Twitter 03-26-2011

  • 18:59:28: RT @GeorgeTakei: "Q" must have been short for "Queen" on Star Trek NTG. Based on how he snapped his fingers. #UseTheFierce
  • 18:59:54: RT @mariancall: This pancake is not Mickey Mouse, it's an H2O molecule. As evidenced by the 109.5 degree angle of the H's. ...
  • 19:00:42: RT @GeorgeTakei: Our production asst was ecstatic to be seated by Liza Minnelli. He should have given her a Snickers to be sure. #GayCandy
  • 19:00:58: RT @JeremyBorash: Ten years ago today was the final WCW Monday Nitro broadcast. RT if you were ever a WCW Fan

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