March 29th, 2011

[xkcd] Rapture

From Twitter 03-28-2011

  • 01:36:19: @MarioMarathon - I bought a new laptop and it dawned on me that I'll be able to watch #mariomarathon in June rather than missing it! Yay!
  • 01:36:53: RT @GeorgeTakei: A recent study shows women start to feel old by 29. Good thing most stay that age for 7 years. #DoTheMath
  • 01:37:33: RT @GeorgeTakei: I'm having a Deanna Troi moment and sensing people are angry in the Middle East. #Empathy
  • 01:38:18: RT @peeweeherman: Rocky & Bullwinkle, Rocko's Modern Life, Pee-wee's Playhouse: the Top 10 kids’ shows with grown-up appeal: http://on.t ...
  • 01:39:30: RT @GeorgeTakei: The 3 nations that don't use the metric system? USA, Liberia & Myanmar. The Axis of Backwards. #NeedStrongerLiters
  • 01:40:21: RT @IJasonAlexander: Next week, I will ski for the 21st time in my life. Please, dear sweet lord, let there be a 22nd.
  • 01:40:57: RT @grantimahara: LEGO, steampunk, and robots. Yep, just another Saturday night!
  • 01:41:08: RT @GeorgeTakei: When icons bounce up & down on my Mac toolbar demanding attn, I want to whack them. Just like in that the mole game.
  • 08:13:12: @xsundeep - Yes!! Excitement!!!
  • 08:14:53: Date tonight. Meeting Daniel @ Chili's @ 1600. I'll tweet afterward so don't be texting me all night. :-P
  • 22:17:37: RT @GeorgeTakei: When I use the holodeck, I'm in the Captain's chair, looking at the back of Kirk's head. #RhymesWithTakei
  • 22:18:42: RT @GeorgeTakei: I'm often asked why anyone would choose to be gay. Well, for starters, the food is better. #NotAChoice

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