April 6th, 2011

[xkcd] Rapture

From Twitter 04-05-2011

  • 08:19:38: @FunnelFiasco - Work on it if you have spare time so you'll already have it done. They might not find funds as fast as you need them to.
  • 08:21:30: OH DEAR LORD! I just got a call from Dr. B's office. He's willing to remake my dental appliance FOR FREE! Joy!
  • 08:25:17: @FunnelFiasco - Ah yes. We shouldn't ever laugh in the face of tradition.
  • 18:07:19: Mom and dad are home. They came by while I was in bed and picked up the dog. Dad said he feels good. Now, I'm going to get ready for karate.
  • 18:08:02: RT @CarrieFFisher: I've been nominated for Logo's #NNNAwards retweet #zOMGCarrie -who knows I might win an award for something other tha ...
  • 21:04:43: @xsundeep - Urban camouflage?

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