April 15th, 2011

[xkcd] Rapture

From Twitter 04-14-2011

  • 02:11:32: Freaking amazing -- Daft Punk - Derezzed (from TRON: Legacy) http://t.co/ebmIs2h via @youtube
  • 03:02:00: RT @wilw: When the hammer is your penis, everything looks like a nail. #nocontextforyou
  • 04:20:31: Apparently men AREN'T looking for confidence. I send messages and get nothing back. Fun.
  • 16:04:55: RT @GearsofWar3: Gears of War 3 VIP Beta Codes: Where to Win? - http://epic.gm/gears3beta
  • 17:30:08: I'm so sore. :(
  • 22:54:46: Totally just got a copy of Alpha Centauri AND the Alien Crossfire expansion! WIN!!!
  • 22:55:18: RT @GeorgeTakei: You learn the most by failing badly. M Night Shymalan is approaching genius after Airbender. #ISeeWhitePeople
  • 23:28:04: Okay so Alien Crossfire isn't working. That's okay.
  • 23:55:43: Just had a very strange convo with a guy from Little Rock. Nudist @ home; talked like he was jaded. Didn't like that negative vibe.

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