April 17th, 2011

[xkcd] Rapture

From Twitter 04-16-2011

  • 06:42:17: RT @rainnwilson: As an Italian American, I'm furious at the depiction of my people in Super Mario Bros.
  • 08:55:37: @RyanClay - I'm icarianbird if you want to play me. Don't be surprised if you get my words at 2 am. lol
  • 16:59:35: RT @GearsViking: Weather guy is predicting a 70% chance for a tornado in NC...finally I'll get to meet the great and powerful Oz.
  • 17:01:44: RT @EpicCog: BTW, I just banned a guy for selling beta codes via hacks. I highly recommend you don't do that :)
  • 17:02:06: RT @GeorgeTakei: Remember when Segways would be cool someday? #StillWaiting
  • 22:56:27: @HammerOfWynn - I loved that movie. Rented the original #Tron on #zune a couple days ago to get refreshes on it.
  • 22:57:18: RT @wilw: Me: Paul Newman, or Robert Redford? Anne: Easy. Robert Redford. Me: I'm sorry. The correct answer is "Steve McQueen." Anne: .. ...

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