April 21st, 2011

[xkcd] Rapture

From Twitter 04-20-2011

  • 04:10:52: "Mommy didn't love me enough so I'm gonna starve myself!!" Get a life, bitch. some people have REAL problems. #Intervention #attentionwhore
  • 05:39:27: Just dl'd Korn. Working on Def Leppard and AC/DC. YAY!
  • 06:06:54: I can't help but to notice that some of these women are drama whores: addicts and the families both. #Intervention
  • 06:58:36: @GeorgeTakei - HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May you live even longer and prosper even more!
  • 09:27:08: @directionalpad - Is it really that fun to beat it so quickly?
  • 09:27:42: RT @GeorgeTakei: Yes, it's my birthday, 4/20. Apparently I share the date with someone named Mary Jane. #HashTag
  • 20:46:26: RT @GirlDictionary: Drama; they always say they hate it, but it's funny, because they're the ones who create it.

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