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April 24th, 2011

From Twitter 04-23-2011

  • 06:31:55: RT @Gaems_Prod1gy_X: I haz Gears fever.
  • 06:33:23: Did enough blood bank last night to fill up a small child. Too many babies being born right now. WHYYYY?!?!
  • 11:36:20: Golden Retro Lancer: UNLOCKED FOR RETAIL!! #Gears3Beta #WIN!
  • 11:37:20: Also, I hated the Retro Lancer at first but now I feel kinda defenseless without it. #Gears3Beta
  • 11:38:15: RT @Astrolaura: While I like the #gears3beta it's also a reminder if why I HATE playing with the public.
  • 16:55:24: RT @OMGitsJoeyD: @therealcliffyb Hey my names Cliffy B. My dream is a world were everyone uses Gnashers. Good news Biffy dreams come true.
  • 16:56:18: RT @therealcliffyb: Friends, Gears is no longer an only Gnasher roll fest. Try other guns and strategies! Adjust! #evolveordie
  • 16:58:37: @therealcliffyb - Thank you for finally acknowledging that so all the idiots will shut up about it.
  • 17:03:29: RT @KeYDxBenjidog: Thank you @therealcliffyb, for making my dream of ripping somebody's arm off and beating them to death with it a real ...
  • 17:03:37: RT @PatrickE34: @therealcliffyb so I did some bitching about balance a week ago. Then I changed how I play Gears. And my opinions have c ...
  • 17:04:08: RT @Naughtychips: @therealcliffyb I'm fine w all the weapon balancing the games better then ever! But one shot every round on trenches r ...
  • 17:26:31: @therealcliffyb - I just realized that I am finally enjoying multiplayer vs actual people again. Thank you so much for that.
  • 21:16:42: RT @therealcliffyb: Just played the Bulletstorm trailer and it was amazing to hear "pull up your skirt and strap that dildo on" echoing ...
  • 21:17:26: @sfosterphil - I feel the same... 'Cept for with guys.
  • 22:16:05: RT @dailymario: 4/23: Miyamoto says nothing, but is quoted voluminously: http://www.supermariobook.com/2011/04/423-miyamoto-says-nothing ...
  • 22:17:31: RT @Zairen1996: @therealcliffyb i think the thing i want most in gears 3 is the ability to equip festive hats...
  • 22:19:05: RT @TimMarable: @therealcliffyb Once u stop complaining that its different than Gow2 u realize Gow3 is the most evened out game Everythi ...
  • 22:19:12: RT @JonColando: @therealcliffyb any way we can get an extension on the beta because i cant survive from the time the beta ends until release
  • 22:21:44: @funhaus228 - it means "First In, First Out." You died first on your team.
  • 22:22:40: RT @wilw: Dog: BARK BARK BARK! Me: What?! What is it!? Dog: Um... Me: Trouble at the old mill? Dog: Actually, it was just my shadow. Cat ...
  • 22:22:49: RT @GeorgeTakei: The Sony Playstation Network has been down since April 20th. In related news, US productivity rose sharply this month.
  • 22:32:30: I realize tonight that I've been neglecting #minecraft and #civilization5 for #Gears3Beta. :(

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