April 26th, 2011

[xkcd] Rapture

From Twitter 04-25-2011

  • 00:30:21: @yabamyicing - That sounds like tons of fun. Ought to try doing that with the retro lancer in Sept.
  • 00:56:46: @yabamyicing - lol. I liked it when they ran from smokes in 2.
  • 02:41:06: @donttrythis - THE CAKE IS A LIE!
  • 10:59:09: RT @GeorgeTakei: Church of LDS up in arms over Bway's “Book of Mormon,” says it targets specific group unfairly, hatefully. #Prop8Karma
  • 17:10:18: @therealcliffyb - The keyboard is such a nice touch!
  • 17:11:42: RT @God_Damn_Batman: I once re-set my own tibia after falling 18 stories to solid concrete. But watching "Khloe & Lamar?" THAT'S painful.
  • 17:12:03: RT @majornelson: Had to explain in a meeting why I was set on fire. #MyJobIsStrange
  • 17:15:58: RT @alyankovic: Wow… well, THAT was fast. My @LadyGaga parody “Perform This Way” is out on iTunes RIGHT NOW: http://j.mp/hvswo9
  • 17:20:10: RT @xCherLeighx: To the people calling it a Plancer. Its not. Its called The Retro. Plancer sounds like a name u give to a dancing pony. ...
  • 20:28:36: RT @jenncutter: So... who is surprised that Sony is still down *and* not communicating at all? Anyone? No? That's what I thought.
  • 20:29:12: RT @wilw: Dog: I have a perfectly valid reason for destroying the blinds. Me: Well, I'd love to hear it. Dog: I'm a dog. Me: That's no- ...
  • 20:32:38: RT @PSUSyr5: 60 days until #MarioMarathon 4!
  • 23:11:35: RT @therealcliffyb: And yes, you CAN grenade tag a chicken. ;)
  • 23:12:01: “@therealcliffyb: And yes, you CAN grenade tag a chicken. ;)” // @Strawbloody
  • 23:12:34: RT @therealcliffyb: "@bawitdaba1337: @therealcliffyb but can you tag a chicken then pick it up and throw it like a grenade?" WANT @EpicCog
  • 23:16:02: @yabamyicing - Or they'd charge in and down you hard only to walk off and leave you to bleed out.

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