April 28th, 2011

[xkcd] Rapture

From Twitter 04-27-2011

  • 08:38:11: RT @directionalpad: “A good plan executed today is better than a perfect plan executed at some indefinite point in the future.” - Genera ...
  • 10:49:03: @GearsViking @epiccog - So how do you expect us to get the "kill someone 25/50 lvls higher than you" ribbons now???
  • 11:27:48: RT @FakeAPStylebook: Stories about Kate Middleton should mention that she comes from "common stock," even though her family is richer th ...
  • 14:35:13: @wxsarah - hail just now in Jackson Co. HUGE gusts of wind.
  • 14:41:21: I've been waiting to see hail all weekend/week. Today it woke me up. #arwx
  • 14:48:08: @wxsarah - all clear in Jackson Co. now. Moved through quickly. Sunny now.
  • 21:22:24: RT @therealcliffyb: "@Soapy_Dave: Are you guys going to get more servers? @therealcliffyb @GearsViking @Gears3Beta" YES! Please be patie ...
  • 21:23:53: @therealcliffyb @gearsviking @gears3beta Did you guys not anticipate this much use or were you starting at a point & going to adjust later?
  • 21:26:00: @GSMACK - known bug/glitch. I only ever got it once. First time I did KotH matchmaking.

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