May 11th, 2011

[xkcd] Rapture

From Twitter 05-10-2011

  • 02:43:14: @Gaosalad I do that myself.
  • 08:11:18: Fell asleep to Alien this morning. Strange dreams ensued.
  • 10:37:33: @Hooligunn - I'd rather have a weapon replica and cog tags.
  • 10:37:43: RT @mikeschramm: Whenever I go to delete an app on my iPhone, I like to pretend the shaking icons are all screaming loudly in panic over ...
  • 10:39:41: Internet back up! I feel whole again.
  • 11:25:49: @Strawbloody - I basically just slept a lot while it was down. That's it.
  • 11:47:32: I keep seeing Percy as a blonde and Jason as a brunette in my mind. ( @camphalfblood ) #percyjackson #jasongrace #RickRiordan
  • 12:38:59: @GearsofWar3 - Retro lancer, sawed-off, mortar, and digger launcher. Used to be the longshot but it doesn't feel right to me in GoW3.
  • 17:45:34: RT @God_Damn_Batman: Kilmer. My God, man. What happened?
  • 17:45:56: RT @GearsViking: Hey all, if you didn't see my earlier Tweet, the dedicated servers are down but we're working on it! #Gears3Beta
  • 17:46:22: RT @HalSparks: Rush Limbaugh says "Marriage is about raising children. That's the purpose of the institution.".. Hes been Married 4 tim ...
  • 23:35:51: RT @GearsViking: Hello Viking Horde, we appreciate your patience while we're working through the dedicated server issues. All part of t ...
  • 23:37:22: Free #Gears3Beta code. First two are taken so use the third one. Too lazy to retype it. Enjoy.

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