August 15th, 2011

[xkcd] Rapture

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  • Sun, 20:02: RT @wilw: You're the worst character ever, Towlie.
  • Sun, 20:02: RT @wilw: Me: Watcha doin'? Dog: Cuddling my toy. Me: D'awww.
  • Sun, 20:03: RT @therealcliffyb: It's safe to say that professionally I've arrived as I found today that I have more followers than @vanillaice.
  • Mon, 06:55: RT @GeorgeTakei: The American people should get a no-confidence vote on Congress. Or at least be able to give them a Time Out if we have ...
  • Mon, 06:55: RT @wilw: Ryan: I need your password for [Charlie Brown Trombone Noises] Me: Nice try, but your social engineering is no match for me. R ...
  • Mon, 06:55: RT @wilw: Dog: I love you. Me: No, you love my pizza. Dog: ...but also you. [Pause .Adorable dogface look] Um, are you going to eat all ...
  • Mon, 06:59: RT @EpicCog: I love the smell of an account + console ban in the morning...smells like victory
  • Mon, 10:20: RT @GnasherMaster45: @GearsViking Rod why are you ruining act one for everybody?