August 29th, 2011

[xkcd] Rapture

My tweets

  • Sun, 18:50: Totally lost an earring in bed today and didn't realize it until I had been at work for half an hour. *facepalm*
  • Sun, 18:59: Replacement earrings made from microtainers. Yes, I am a Sagittarius.
  • Mon, 03:16: “@chrisbrown: Happy birthday Michael Jackson!!!! Your the greatest!” Why has no one called him out for his grammar?! CHRIST!
  • Mon, 03:16: RT @JDior_: Beyonce dated, married, THEN got pregnant... young ladies take notes
  • Mon, 03:17: RT @dearblankplease: Dear Twilight, You are not the end of an era. Harry Potter is the end of an era. You, are the end of an error. http ...
  • Mon, 03:17: RT @wikileaks: Our editor, Julian Assange, has now been detained for 265 days without charge. Do not forgive. Do not forget. ...
  • Mon, 03:37: RT @TheDoc318: If your apartment is hit by a dolphin don't go outside to see if the dolphin is OK..thats how the hurricane tricks you in ...
  • Mon, 03:38: RT @m33tu: Dear "ppl hoo tawk lyk dis", We are coming for you. Sincerely, The Grammar Nazis.
  • Mon, 10:46: RT @donnyclaytheway: When the storm levels your neighbor's home & yours is left unscathed - REMEMBER - God likes you better.
  • Mon, 10:50: OH! I just found my missing earring! Just laid my hand on my bed beside me and there it was!
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