November 7th, 2011

[xkcd] Rapture

Мои твиты

  • Вс, 22:18: The commercial for #Skyrim is awesome. Too bad I'm really not an #ElderScrolls fan.
  • Пн, 01:07: I am officially happier now than I was a month ago. Things are looking up. Hope they stay that way.
  • Пн, 02:51: I just found out that you can buy text alert tones on iTunes. @Gaosalad now has his own special tone. <3
  • Пн, 02:53: "IT'S SO FLUFFY!" @gaosalad 's new text tone.
  • Пн, 02:54: RT @NickadooLA: I killed a stripper with a stake through the heart. Honest mistake. With all that glitter, I swear, I thought she was a ...
  • Пн, 06:56: I really want @Gaosalad to text me just so I can hear his text tone.
  • Пн, 19:04: RT @wilw: Cat: I GOT U ANNIVERSARY PREZINT! Me: Aww, thanks! What is it? Cat: DED BIRD UNDER UR BED! Me: Uh... Cat: UR WELCOME! Me:... T ...