February 13th, 2012

[xkcd] Rapture

Tweets for Today

  • 02:39 I need to play #Gears3 this week. Who's with me? #
  • 07:01 @EvJHayes I'm still getting over most of mine. Even though I'm dating someone now I don't think I'll ever trust anyone completely again. #
  • 07:04 @Gaosalad The whole rubberband conversation totally reminded me of the #Gears3 Beta. Lol. #
  • 07:06 @RyanClay I'm stealing that. #
  • 07:11 @TryHardNinja - I wanted to let you know that "Revenge" and "TNT" are two of the most listened to songs on my iPhone. ^_^ #MoreMinecraftPlz #
  • 08:11 A vid on t.co/I1Xpy4Yo has spawned a chat about parenting. I am the only girl. The boys are trying to fathom me not wanting kids. #
  • 15:21 @stagedoortc *cries* #
  • 16:11 One Town's War on Gay Teens t.co/Ur1DmAac via @rollingstone // This bit into me hard. I guess it's my sad story for today. #
  • 16:16 @apapineau Because of a link in your funny little Canada letter, I've been crying for 15 minutes. Sad, sad article about Minnesota. #
  • 16:31 I read an article about teen suicide and could not stop crying. Such bright lights all stuffed out by their own hands. Sweet kids. #
  • 16:55 @stagedoortc No I haven't! :( #
  • 17:02 @stagedoortc *finds eye patch and cutlass* Gonna have to go pirate for this one. #
  • 19:10 Now playing Final Fantasy XIII. t.co/PNRyThLW #
  • 20:18 @EvJHayes WCW was probably way better than WWF (back in the day), but it just didn't have the financial power that WWF had. #
  • 20:23 @sfosterphil - Like beer, Doritos are proof that God loves us. #
  • 20:24 @EvJHayes They INVENTED Cruiserweight. #
  • 23:09 Now playing Gears of War 3. t.co/PNRyThLW #
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