June 11th, 2012

[xkcd] Rapture

My tweets

  • Sun, 17:30: “@TheYoungTurks: Creationism Vs Evolution - Poll http://t.co/5jrpcWFR” // So sad.
  • Sun, 21:42: My iPhone has told me 6 times in 2 days that @Darrenowl16 is following me. Don't know who you are but my phone is sure excited about it.
  • Sun, 21:42: “@CauseWereMen: As a kid, I would get excited about the toy aisle. As an adult, I get excited about the bacon aisle.” @sfosterphil
  • Mon, 03:27: My weekend from hell is nearly over. I'm exhausted. Trying to decide if I want to be social or not this week. A bad mood has come over me.