July 3rd, 2012

[xkcd] Rapture

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  • Mon, 20:08: RT @God_Damn_Batman: I have two tips for East Coasters complaining about the heat: 1. Work at night. 2. Spend more time in your subterra ...
  • Mon, 20:10: RT @Mechamorbo: Please tell me this Taco Bell Xbox is exclusive to Canada... http://t.co/mogo4amy
  • Mon, 20:15: RT @MU_Podcast: RT @Wordcraftian: @HPPodcraft: Lovecraft is a breeze/ Thanks to Fifer and Lackey/ I wonder what's next. #Haithulhu
  • Mon, 22:12: RT @neiltyson: Just saw Spiderman preview in @IMAX 3D. Directed by Marc Webb. Yup. The Director's last name is actually Webb.
  • Mon, 23:35: It's 2330 and @kthemage and I are looking for Baking Soda to try an experiment. #TotalGeeks
  • Tue, 11:10: RT @xsundeep: Guy: "Way to sport a pink shirt!" Me: "Yup, I can pull it off". Pause. "Not literally, only figuratively"
  • Tue, 11:12: RT @ThatKevinSmith: AndyGriffith passes, age 86. HUGE bucket of win life. Cane pole in hand, he's headed toward the Fishin' Hole of eter ...
  • Tue, 11:14: RT @RealTonyStark: Chic-fil-A has donated $2 million to anti-gay charities. Possibly to "fix" Anderson Cooper. Hey Chicken People, it ...
  • Tue, 11:15: RT @DaveCoulier: RIP Andy Griffith. Thank you for all the laughs. I love Mayberry, and never knew that R.F.D. was for Rural Free Deliver ...
  • Tue, 11:16: RT @notch: The fans are the reason Minecraft is as big as it is, and I am so incredibly grateful. =) <3
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