October 1st, 2012

[xkcd] Rapture

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  • Sun, 20:44: RT @therealcliffyb: In hindsight are we better or worse after the revolution that was "Dance Dance"?
  • Sun, 20:45: RT @nicepeter: I just jump started the 8 cylinder 1996 jaguar with a Honda fit. It felt like David giving Goliath a piggy back ride.
  • Mon, 01:49: RT @JerryBrownGov: This bill bans non-scientific ‘therapies’ that have driven young people to depression and suicide http://t.co/3BB3g8v ...
  • Mon, 01:51: RT @PlacidusRex: If Carl dies in season 3, I'm throwing a party. Not at my house though. Can't have you fools breakin my shit lol
  • Mon, 02:29: RT @rickygervais: "You are going to a terrible place I will never go because of your atheism. I'll pray for you" A library? I'll think ...
  • Mon, 07:53: Just opened my saxophone & got tears in my eyes. Didn't want to give it away anymore, but it's just sitting here... and it needs repairs.
  • Mon, 07:55: RT @HammerOfWynn: Checked in at the hotel, she told me she gave me her favorite room. My room no. is 666. Should I be concerned?
  • Mon, 08:38: RT @TheTweetOfGod: Belief is knowledge's drunk uncle.
  • Mon, 08:39: IIIIIII'mmmmmm sleeeeeeepyyyy!!
  • Mon, 11:42: Meetings always make me feel like I'm doing something wrong and I shouldn't even be doing what I'm doing anymore.