January 4th, 2013

[xkcd] Rapture


I don't know if I've posted this here, but I've taken up blogging on a different site if only, because I needed something that wasn't such a small world. I'm not saying LJ is a tiny little world, but it isn't your normal everyday blog. It's a different kind of site that isn't searched very often, so I feel, and I thought that wordpress would get me a different audience. So, if anyone wants to read said blog, you can follow it here: http://thelackofharmony.wordpress.com/

I have a permanent LJ account and can actually set up feed that LJers can follow: harmonyblog. Just in case anyone cares, you know. :)

I still come back here to read those that I do follow and occasionally comment. (Translation: Please don't remove me. I'm still here!)