January 22nd, 2013

[xkcd] Rapture

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  • Mon, 12:25: RT @azizansari: Shoutout to the dude who created those gummy bears that are multivitamins. You are a national hero sir.
  • Mon, 12:25: @JadinRecks - I need you to tell me how to host a server for Terraria so I can play with a friend.
  • Mon, 20:27: I got a text from a coworker telling me not to do something again or she'd have me in my supervisor's office. Fuck her.
  • Mon, 22:48: RT @StephenAtHome: The flu has totally gone viral.
  • Mon, 22:48: RT @StephenAtHome: Clearly Obama flunked his first term since he's being forced to repeat it again.
  • Mon, 22:49: RT @hEnereyG: Watching Ric Flair doc. When talking mid-90s WCW, they bring up people w/ "no talent" advancing while showing DDP, which I ...
  • Tue, 03:44: How Most People See Babies Vs. How I See Babies http://t.co/54Ad8ZHq via @9GAG
  • Tue, 06:17: Seriously considering getting my shit together for my certification and switching jobs. I love it, but things need to change.
  • Tue, 07:25: Watching one of @CaptainSparklez old live streams and it's frustrating *ME* that they won't leave him alone while he builds. :-/
  • Tue, 08:03: RT @thatsatanicpony: ZOMG new Ghost In The Shell announced for 2013. http://t.co/6AU4zO2s
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