April 11th, 2013

[xkcd] Rapture

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  • Thu, 01:33: RT @ThatKevinSmith: On a brand new FAT MAN ON BATMAN, meet a youngster looking to make good in the world of comics. It's @TheRealStanLee ...
  • Thu, 01:42: I was finally going to work on some writing and @insanejournal has apparently been down for 2 hours. Seriously. This needs to get fixed.
  • Thu, 01:59: And God has mercy on my creative abilities and pulls IJ's soul from the pits of spammer hell so that I can write.
  • Thu, 02:59: I always say I'm going to sit and write but I get so distracted by literally everything else around me.
  • Thu, 03:06: Watching @kthemage play #Overlord2 right now. The point of the game is to be an evil bastard. #awesome
  • Thu, 06:51: RT @BuzzFeedMusic: Hot Topic Is No Longer Just For Teen Goths http://t.co/4aMzNpSHHQ
  • Thu, 06:59: The cat doesn't seem to understand that she won't fall off the couch if she'd quit sleeping on the arm.