llewej irol (icarianbird) wrote,
llewej irol

Wii Anyone?

For those who may want to know, I am in the middle of some fierce negotiations that may prove to be wonderful. I'm wooing my brother into helping me buy a Wii and SSB Brawl. I'm very flighty when it comes to wanting to buy such a big money item and I just cannot get myself to put down the $400 or so that I'm going to need for a Wii, the extra remote, and Brawl.

I told Wade that if he would go in halfsies with me, I would pay him back over time. The conversation was basically: Give me half the money for the Wii and buy your own remote. You get to keep your remote to take to friends houses and then we'll work out a deal on custody of said Wii so that you can play it and buy games for it. I'll put in the other half of the Wii money and buy SSB Brawl (which is almost as much as a remote).

Granted, this is going to take a little while because I'm paying off my hospital bills right now. The bill for my surgery + hospital stay was a little over $1600 rather than the $16,000 the hospital charged (I love my insurance). The surgeon himself only charged me $280 for his services. Considering he saved me from all this pain and losing half my lower body to the nerve damage, I love him very much.

So it may be well into summer before this happens, but it just might be happening. The reason I'm buying the Wii and hogging it is because the N64, the GCN, AND the PS2 are all my brother's little bastard. For once, I'm gonna get the pretty-shiney system. Just once!

I'll keep all my brawl buddies updated on this Ryan, Matthew and I'll post up my codes as soon as I'm put together!



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