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Cops is on. I love that show.

Mommy went home today. I'm sad because she's going to have to have her back surgery re-done. Her back hadn't fully healed up when she fell a few months ago and she's pretty well messed up the cadaver-bone rigging that the doctor had put in. He's going to go back and put in some metal pieces to re-do her fusions. Bleh. Tentative date is May 15th and she will be doing that unless something happens with Daddy.

OH! My dad's heart rate has gone down since his shock-procedure! It was ~162 and now it's down to 120-resting!! That was the point of the procedure - bring his heart rate back into something closer to normal. We're so pleased. They've adjusted his medication to try to keep the fluid from building back up and Mommy said that he says he feels better (hear-say, I know). I'm excited because that's a good thing.

Mommy did cook me dinner for when I got home from work today. I opened the door to my apartment and got a nose full of pot roast. Mmmm. My Mommy loves me. Though, like a dork, when she was gathering up my trash she cut her finger on a can lid and sloshed blood all over my kitchen. She told me later that, as she was putting the lids in the trash, she should tell me about them so that I wouldn't cut my finger and, lo and behold, what does Mom do? Exactly that. I laughed at her even though it really wasn't that funny. I mean, it was, but it wasn't. SHE was funny, but it sucked. I told her that I'm supposed to clean up blood at work, not in my kitchen. Thankfully, blood doesn't bother me too much now because of all the stuff I do with it.

BTW! It's National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week!! I am a Medical Laboratory Professional and this is my national holiday! -dances- Games, prizes, and OMG!FOOD all this week. 'Tis a lovely week to return to work! If you know a Medical Laboratory Professional (Lab Tech at a hospital), give them a big hug and wish them a happy lab week!

OMGWORK! Today was a loooooong day. I didn't get my break until 10:30 (Lisa and I normally go around 9-9:30). Then, I did nothing, but make differential slides for an hour and a half. I didn't realize it until around 12:30 when Carol and Eleanor asked if I wanted to go to lunch. I just said no since I'd eaten so late today and switched out spots with Eleanor so she could do set-ups and I could run the machinery. I did the machines (CBCs and Retics) for an hour straight before I finally broke for lunch at 1:30. Time flew. And, for some really wrong reason, I had a wonderful time. I am so weird. I told Lisa (oh, she's the lady that's training me) that I had an outstanding time that morning and she laughed. AJ (one of the phlebotomists) also thought I was insane. I just love what I do. It amuses me.

I talked to Vicki (Chemistry Supervisor) and asked for her opinion about whether or not she thinks I could do the new Chemistry/Day Shift position and she seemed rather 'eh' about it. Like she figured I could do it, but her tone and body language seemed unimpressed that I wanted to do it. Granted, I don't really know Vicki that well and it was like 3:45 when I was talking to her so she could just be like that in the afternoon. She seems to have an odd sense of humor and body language so she's hard for me to read. I'm very interested in this new "Core Cell" thing we're going to be doing with the Chemistry and Hematology analyzers though. I would be working weekends and it would be me working the central hub of the two departments. From what I've gathered, as they put this idea together while I was gone and it is part of our LEAN process, it will be me running analyzers all day. I think it would be fun. Somewhat. I'd have to see what they're really going to do.

The position itself is slated for either 4-10's (what they seem to really want) or 5-8's and is a definite Saturday-Sunday schedule though the other days are flexible. I would probably pick Saturday through Tuesday just because that way they're all in a row. I'm iffy about the 4-10's, but I think the extra day off would make up for it. I can pull a ten-hour day, but I just don't want to. -shrugs- I don't want to lose my weekends, but I want this position. It feels good and nightshift isn't feeling that way right now. I feel like I'm flailing for help and no one is reaching out. Dayshift is great and I'm getting to know everyone. They will give me help no matter how many times I ask for it (as I generally have to repeat the same question a hundred times before I finally get it because I'm so unsure of myself). Nightshift folks don't do that. Well, Trish did, but she's going to Metabolics now and I don't think I could survive the nights without her for information and entertainment. She's too awesome to even describe.

Nightshift is just too difficult for me now that I've had this time off. Don't get me wrong, I love it. There's a lot less mess and a lot less people, but I don't feel comfortable as my realm of knowledge is limited. I'm expected to know more than my brain can really contain effectively and I don't think I'm doing credit to my position because of that. Granted, I make up for my lack of knowledge or skill with my work ethic. If there's still work to do, I'm not done and I'm not going home. I do anything and everything I can before I leave. If I need to cap my specimens, I cap them. If I need to clean up an area that I didn't have time to do before the end of my shift, I do it. I do not like leaving a mess for the people behind me and I've heard that people give compliments as to my dedication to that. Granted, I don't get any fucking pins for it and rarely do they say anything to me, but I'm not looking for that recognition even if it would be nice and make me feel more like a real tech rather than an outsider.

I am the "Baby Tech." I happen to be the youngest Med Tech at Children's. I'm 25. There is maybe one or two others who are real close to my age, but their birthdays are earlier than mine (December 5th) and so that makes me the Baby of the lab. Lisa calls me that all the time. It's funny. I've even told my mom about it. I keep hoping they'll hire some more techs fresh out of school (as they did me) so I won't have to be the baby of the lab anymore. Lol.

I'm feeling much better, btw. I'm sore as hell and if I slow/lay down for too low, I get so stiff that it's hard to move, but if I can get moving again I'm okay. It's like a locomotive starting up - slow and painful until I get up to speed. I need to take some Advil now that I'm thinking about it...

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