llewej irol (icarianbird) wrote,
llewej irol

I just got a letter from one of my childhood friends. It wasn't unexpected because her mother called to get my address from me. She's in prison for being an idiot (long, long story) and really I'm excited to see it. Ever since she started hanging with the "wrong crowd," I've missed her. She and I grew up together. Our mom's were, and still are, best friends and so we did EVERYTHING together. There are so many pictures of us when we were kids, that you're hard-pressed to find one of just me or her. I still love her dearly and, really, I'm probably the only person that would reply to her letters because all her other "friends" are losers. Idiotic meth-heads who wouldn't give a damn about her. I've always cared about how she was doing or what was going on with her. When she called me because she was going to try to go into the air force, I was happy to hear from her. Mom told me later that she called me because I was probably the only one of her friends who would care and be happy for her. That's true. I've missed her a lot since we drifted apart. I thought about her on her birthday (May 1st) and wished I could've called her, but she was in prison then.

I've found a notebook and I'm going to start on a reply right now. I'm just so happy to hear from her. ^_^

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