llewej irol (icarianbird) wrote,
llewej irol

They were trying to bring my grandmother's heart rate down to a better pace and she coded for about sixty seconds. She's very sensitive to the effects of medications. Really, she's allergic to a lot of them as the band with her medication allergies looks like it's three inches wide on her wrist. She coded and they did get her heart started again with compressions, no shocks. Now they're going to install a temporary pace maker and, if needed, try the drug they were using in a smaller dosage. If her heart tries to slow too much, the pace maker will keep her in rhythm.

If you could hear the anger in my grandfather's voice, you would understand how he feels. He's upset because the more they do to her, the worse she gets. He just wants them to leave her alone and maybe she'll get better. I've never seen him this way and it hurts to watch him. Really hurts.

So that's the phone call from the hospital we got ten minutes ago. -sigh-

Mom and dad went home so mom could try to get some real rest. I'm up doing laundry still and just being up in case the phone rings again. I'm not too nervous, but I am a little stressed. I'm really just glad I have this medication in me or I wouldn't be able to be as strong or as positive as I am now. I know it's the meds mostly, but it so much better than being constantly in tears. I don't think I'd be able to handle that.

I'm going to call Stephen later and talk to him about it all because he's about the only person I have left to talk about all this with. He's the only person I want to really talk this out with as he is still my confidant for some strange reason. I guess because we still love each other.

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