llewej irol (icarianbird) wrote,
llewej irol

Going to see my grandmother was just as hard today as it was a yesterday. Today she had the vent hooked up and it was assisting her breathing. Her nurse tonight, Lynn (male, btw), was good enough to explain what was going on when we got there about nine-ish. Mawmaw is on the vent to assist her breathing, not because she cannot breathe on her own. She wasn't getting good oxygenation so they put her on the vent to make sure she got all the oxygen she needed. They're going to try to "wean" her off of it tonight by slowing cutting down the work it does and allowing her to take over. She was somewhat lucid after the dialysis. Lynn said that she looked at him and wanted to remove the tube so he thinks she'll probably be okay once they work some more of the drugs they were pumping into her out of her system. She's not producing urine and so she's not filtering out the drugs that they pumped into her to try to make her produce urine. I'm sure there was some circulatory overload in there somewhere, but he seemed positive.

She was drugged when we got there because of the vent, but the paralytic was important so that she didn't try to pull the tube from her throat. Lynn said that, when she did wake up, she was rather scared and so that's kinda why he thinks she'll be okay. There were no problems with her brain function, thank god. Just not removing the drugs from her system.

Tomorrow seems promising so I may go to the hospital with Pawpaw in the morning just to check on her.

The saddest part is that this operation was supposed to keep her from going on dialysis, but all it did was kill the last bit of kidney she had left and now she'll be on it for the rest of her life. I keep wondering who they can sue. -sigh-

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