llewej irol (icarianbird) wrote,
llewej irol

Well... Looks like my grandmother is doing better after the dialysis she had early, early this morning. -sigh- Where do I start from? My whole family was here for two days just in case my grandmother happened to head south - Mom, Dad, Wade, Aunt Donna, Secily & Aiden, Kelby, & Pawpaw. Yeah... my house was full. We got to see her and we spoke to her kidney specialist who laid some of what was going on out to us. She does have pneumonia, that much is confirmed, but she is not septic like we feared. They've inserted a PICC line so that they don't have to puncture her poor arms anymore, which is cool with me, but they kept her heavily sedated because of all the tubes and things. Once her fever broke, now known to be from the pneumonia, she was able to be dialysized.

I called my mother to get her to roll up the driver's side window of my vehicle and she told me about Mawmaw getting her dialysis. Thank god. We were really wanting her to get that and it helped a lot. They're weaning her off of everything that's keeping her down - sedatives, etc. The nurse said that Mawmaw responded when she tickled her foot by wiggling her toes (before her dialysis about 8pm). Mom also said that she fluttered her eyes as if she was trying to look at her so that's awesome. The dialysis itself went well. They said she tolerated it well and she pulled about 3L of fluid off her body. At the rate they were pumping that crap in her, I'm glad about that. She also started moving around so that's a wonderful sign, but she gets scared, confused, & combative and so they sedate her again. Vicious circle of sedation and dialysis, apparently.

Other than that, we're okay. Everyone went home yesterday and I got the best sleep I've had in days - literally. Mom woke me up at like 10:35 going, "I made food." I was like, "EH! If you had told me sooner, I would've gotten up rather than sleeping in!" I had taken my shower earlier in the day so I could sleep, just in case the crew didn't go home. So now it's just me and mom until tomorrow, I think, and that's good. I love my mom. And she loves here mom which is why she's still here.

Eight more days of work left.... Looking forward to getting home now. I just hope my grandmother gets there before I do.

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