llewej irol (icarianbird) wrote,
llewej irol

Today has been... well, weird. Today I saw my Pawpaw cry. His mind has turned completely to the negative about my grandmother. Honestly, I know how he is feeling because I've been thinking the same thoughts. I take after him in a way so it's not unnatural for my train of thought to go his way. I'm a little neurotic like my Mawmaw though so I balance out rather well. My mom's still pretty okay. She finally talked Pawpaw into going home for a day or two because he was getting really worn down. He's losing all hope and, though we are too, we're still trying to hang onto it. This is all really hard on him and I'm worried about him now. Hopefully, we'll get some better news sooner or later.

-sigh- I've never felt so much grief before. It was scary.

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