llewej irol (icarianbird) wrote,
llewej irol

Brian informed me that he couldn't read my entries because they were all friends-only. So, rather than grappling with the question any longer, I decided to go ahead and change my journal back to viewable by everyone. Now you cannot say that I never did anything for you, Bri.

As for me, we plugged the internet back in and now that I've fiddled with my grandmother's computer for an hour, I decided to give it to Brian (there's two for you, buddy) so he can fiddle with it because I don't feel like having to wait for it all to load. It's horrible. I'll let him reconfigure the thing and do what he can with it. First, I'm gonna make sure it's okay with Pawpaw, but I don't think he'll care because he never really used the damn thing to begin with.

Okay so I'm with internet now and happy about it really. Now I can do some real job hunting and, hopefully, everything will go okay. My Pawpaw and I have a happy little existence here right now. It's really rather nice living with him. I'm glad I decided to move home.

In other news, my brother's 21st birthday was yesterday. Mom and I went out to eat with him, Tori, and Cameron - who happens to be the guy he's talking to right now, but I don't think my mom knows that yet. We're still both undecided if she knows he's gay or if she thinks she knows. You know? Lol. He was so excited. We went to eat at Fuji's in Jonesboro and he got to sign up as a "member." That was basically why he even wanted to go. He just wanted to flaunt his 21-ness about. Mom got him a Razor-2 for his birthday because he broke his Saturday. Which seems kinda like rewarding him for breaking his phone, but I don't care because she promised me she'd upgrade my phone after the new year so I'm all good. My Crzr is still working well, but I wouldn't mind an upgrade that actually can send and receive texts. Especially since Matt likes to send them to me even though I keep repeating to him that I can't receive any. :P

Anyway, everything is going okay. I've discussed going and getting unemployment with my grandfather because I have been out of work or eight weeks and we think that would be a good idea while I'm trying to finish my certification. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to pass this time, but there were a lot of circumstances that really piled up to make this not a good time for a test. But that's okay. It really doesn't piss me off because I'm taking the good with the bad really. The time I've had with my friends and family lately has really made me much less like the miserable person that I was this time last year. ^_^ I like it.

Anyway... that's a real update for once. Any questions, just ask me.


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