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I don't need a job . . . Writing's enough work for me

I can't believe how much work it is to write out a simple history for SWPOTJ! There are just so many posts to read! I'm only at 210 and i've got a lot written so far. Most of it is quite important though. I'm sure I could take out the little bits about people who were there for like one post . . . Whatever. As Napoleon once said, "History is a version of events that everyone has decided to agree upon." . . . Or something like that. Right now Stephanie and I are collaborating on it. Hopefully we can get all of it together. There really hasn't been that large of a turnout in any of my Yahell! Groups. Its probably due to that damn club-to-group transfer. The only thing I really like about the groups is that I have a little more control of the group. Other than that, it isn't the best. Too many adds!! Well . . . I guess I'll get back to my writings. I really want to try and finish my fanfics and more of this history.


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