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Yes, I know...

...I haven't updated in forever. I haven't had much time. True, I've had time to take quizzes, but not enough time to write out a decent entry. Let's see... since the last time I even attemped an entry I have...

1. ...seen Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. It kicked some serious tail, might I add. If you like the books, you will definately like the movies. Though... my mom did tell me just a few days ago that the guy who directed these first two was fired because, and I quote my mother, "the movies were running too long and following too closely to the books." Huh? I thought the whole point of making a movie from a book was to stick to the book and tell its story, not a new one! Does anyone think that this is such a crock!

2. ...had Thanksgiving dinner at my Grandma's. I got to see sooooooooo many of my family members this year. Grandma's house was so full. It was just like when I was younger.

3. ...I finished my English Research paper. 'Nuff said about that.

4. ...MY BIRTHDAY! Okay so that hasn't quite happened yet.... but it will... Thursday. And I'll be 20! ;) I can't wait. One more year, one more year, one more year...

Welp... I guess that's about all I've got left to say. I've got some major studying to do this week before my tests and I hope to pass them all. (Please, Lord, let me pass them all!)
Oh.. I did buy myself a paint-by-number because it had a rooster inside. My mother collects roosters for her kitchen so I thought I could paint it for her. Her friend Tina collects cows and there was also a cow painting in the box, so I'm gonna do that one for her. :D


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