llewej irol (icarianbird) wrote,
llewej irol

Today was a decent day. Not only have I set up my peer interview at Harris (Wednesday @ 10:30 am), but I've also gotten my papers back from my tax lady. I'm getting almost $1500 back on my taxes. Wonderful bit of luck considering that I'm pretty well OUT of money. I'm pleased.

Mom and I went and picked out a new phone today too. We couldn't get it yet (she's got to pay the bill first and she's waiting until Friday), but when we go back they're having a Valentine's Day sale. I'll get the phone I picked out at 20% off plus a rebate. PLUS I'M FINALLY GETTING TEXT MESSAGING! (FYI, Matt & Brian) I'm either getting a Samsung Blackjack II (if the one I want comes in by Friday) or a blue Samsung Propel. I kinda want the Blackjack II, but I"m okay with the Propel as it's pretty damn nice. The Propel is being held for us to pick up on Friday, but Tina (the cell lady) said that she might have a Blackjack in by Friday. Either way, I get a new phone and I'm excited. A new toy to go with all my other new toys! ^_^ My mom is great.

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