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The Lost Boys II: The Tribe

isthisjen is always doing movie/television reviews when she sees new ones (which I appreciate muchly) and so I thought I would add one of my own, because I just downloaded and watched TLB2: The Tribe.

I have to say that I thought TLB2 would look a lot more B-movie than it did. Granted, it was a WB Home Video release and so that probably kicked it up a notch on the production value. I was quite glad to see it wasn't some crappy half-assed movie really. Kept me involved in it simply by not being hideously bad.

I really didn't connect with the main characters that well. Chris (Tad Hilgenbrink) I kinda did, but Nicole (Autumn Reeser) was a whine-baby and made me want to punch her in the face. It's okay because some of the background characters helped distract me from that violent need. These two are said to be the cousins of Sam and Michael, but there are some suggestions that they were the children of Michael and Starr so I'd leave that up to you to decide. Personally, I like option two better as it ties them into the vampire scene much better.

Edgar Frog (Corey Feldman) is, of course, the true star of the movie. You know he's the main reason you watch this thing. You want to see how Edgar is going to kill the bad vampires. Plus, he's still rather hot. I've always had a crush on Corey Feldman. It's horrible.

Okay, so Keifer Southerland's half-brother Angus is in this movie and I think I've found yet another lovely crush. He plays the antagonistic bloodsucker boss (hm... quite similar to his brother's role), but I find this vampire to be much more pleasing visually as well as having a demeanor that I liked. He was laid back and more into the philosophy of being a vampire than the whole 'omgz iz b undedz!' For instance, Shane talks about the fact that you aren't afraid of death anymore and you can see things that you've never seen before. The usual bloodsucker rhetoric, but it's said in such a pretty and tantalizing way that I wanted to be a vampire after that.

These were surfing vampires and, while that sounds stupid to begin with, it actually is pretty cool. Made them much more likable than the original bad boys. Yes, they were party animals and they got an immense amount of joy from the pain and suffering of others, but they would've been really awesome to hang out with just before they ripped your throat out in that vampiric way. They really made you want to be part of "the tribe" just by how much damn fun they were having.

So, the story itself follows Chris and Nicole as they move to a new city after the death of their parents and the loss of Chris' surfing sponsorships (as apparently he was a professional surfer - hence, the surfing vampires?). They move into a hell-hole of a house that was provided by their aunt. Seriously, if she loved them she would've given them a much better place to stay. I hated the aunt. Wanted her to get eaten by Shane before I had even seen him on the screen.

Chris goes out looking for work at one of the surf shops and the owner suggests that he look in on the Frog brothers and ask if they are in need of another surfboard shaper. Chris stops by, but doesn't see anyone home and so he leaves a note. The whole time, Nicole is being a wench. Ugh, hate her.

After returning home Chris meets Shane (Angus Sutherland), who invites him to a surf party later that night. Chris' gut feeling says that neither of them should go (listen to your intuition, damn it!!), but again Nicole is a whiney-bag and insists that they go. They go and are introduced to "the tribe" who, ironically, contain a guy that Chris beat the shit out of before he was banned from the surfing circut. It seems that Chris beat the guy enough to make him unable to surf again so there is major beef between them. Needless to say, said surfer is part of the tribe.

The party itself if kinda interesting. Chris is there being paranoid, over-protective older brother and Nicole is trying to shrug him off at every turn. Again, I hate her. She ditches him for Shane and vampy-overboss plays the twisted-artistic-type soul to get her to drink from 'teh flask o' d00m'. The great thing is that he wasn't just blowing smoke. Shane actually believed and lived by everything he said and so he wasn't like he was trying the normal guy tricks to get her to drink from the flask.

The siblings eventually head home (after Nicole's motorcycle ride with Shane and Chris' hissy) and Nicole ends up getting sick on the way. When they finally get home, Nicole has said a million times that something is "wrong" with her, but Chris just keeps saying she's sick. Eventually, she vamps out on him and uses the demony voice to tell him that she is definitely NOT sick. Pretty hilarious. Thankfully, before she can do any real damage to him, our wonderful hero Edgar arrives and knocks her in the head. This is the point in the movie where you cheer your head off because Edgar is being vampire-killer though Chris has no love for this and kicks him out of the house. ("Your sister's a suck monkey.")

Eventually, vampire slut #1 arrives and tries to bone Chris while also trying to chew his throat out. He tries to stop her (as if...) and tosses her onto a set of antlers that the kids had hung on the wall earlier. Amazingly enough, these look a lot like the ones that killed David in TLB1. It's funny and awesome at the very same time.

After blowing up VS#1, Chris goes crawling back to Edgar who roughs him up and says that he "let" Chris throw him out because he knows what it's like to lose a family member. This, of course, explains why one has not seen Alan Frog. Considering he wasn't as popular as his brother, I didn't really miss him at all. So, the two boys go through the "your [insert sibling here] is only a half-vampire" dance like they did with Sam/Michael in the first movie, but in this version, Chris and Edgar decide that the only way to find the nest and save Nicole is for Chris to join the darkside since they have all the cookies. He has to dive head-first into the tribe and become as close to one of them as he can in order to get them to let him into their sanctum. I liked the idea immensely. Nicole tells Shane that she doesn't want to lose her brother and so Shane has already decided that he needs to add Chris to their ranks in order for him to be able to keep Nicole (as they are apparently in twi-love).

In order for Chris to be one with the tribe, there are two tasks. First, they go harass the cops together and have a great time. This proves to Shane that Chris can hang with the boys and satisfies that curiosity. Next, is the whole 'drink me' incident with a planned slaughter at the end. Of course, Chris punks out on them and, rather than killing his girl, tries to flee with her. One of the tribe catches them and rips her throat out after dining on his own snack. Before all of this, Shane had left with Nicole so he wasn't there to protect Chris from the rest of the tribe when they decided to kick his ass for not cooperating. Thankfully, Chris is able to kill one and Edgar shows up to scare off the other two before they can kill our pseudo-hero ("Who ordered the stake?!").

So now, the heroes have to go save the girl before she dines on her first vampy-meal. On the way there, Edgar is explaining their arsenal and he's there blessing water balloons. Turns out, Edgar Frog is an ordained minister now. Online ordained minister. I'll have to say that, during the vampy-underling deaths, the one that I liked the most was the RPG holy water balloon death. Edgar popped one on one of the vamp's heads and his whole head was 'splody! ("Pop goes the weasel...")

In the end-boss battle, Shane clearly has the advantage over Chris. Turns out that Nicole really does love her brother and she stakes Shane in the heart. Shane, questioning her betrayal, tries to pull her onto the stake before he dies, but Chris slices off his head with a sword which I have yet to pinpoint it's origins. I don't know where said sword came from or how he got a hold of it. Edgar arrives to see the now burning body of Shane and replies with a wonderful quote, "Build a man a fire, he's warm for a day. Light a man on fire, and he's warm for the rest of his life!" Again, I should say that this movie is more about Edgar than these two whiney babies.

Corey Haim makes an appearance as Sam Emerson in two alternate endings. I personally liked the longer one as I cannot see Sam succumbing so easily to the vampy darkside. Plus, it fully explains the disappearance of Alan Frog which is awesome as he's a master vamp now. Honestly, the irony in that is more awesome than you can explain.

- EDGAR, EDGAR, AND MORE EDGAR! There is so much Edgar Frog in this movie that it's really more about him than Chris and Nicole. That isn't a bad thing as he's the most interesting non-vampire character available and has the most kick-ass lines.
- Did not look like a B-movie even though that's really what it is...
- The explanation of Alan's disappearance in the long alternate ending.
- Corey Haim/Sam's appearance in the alternate ending though I would've liked to have seen a little more of him as I like Corey Haim.
- Angus Southerland! He was a wonderful vampire and I really enjoyed his character.
- Surfing vampires. Why? I don't know. I just have a thing for surfers. Maybe it's because I live in a land-locked state?
- Lots of action and not too much blood. Don't get me wrong, in vampire movies there's supposed to be blood, but this wasn't excessive. I was kinda amazed.
- The soundtrack was good and had a cover of "Cry Little Sister." I love that song.
- The aunt suggesting that they watch "The Goonies" before the kids decide to go to the party. LMAO.

- Nicole Emerson. I hated her. H-A-T-E-D her. BTW, she is said to be "almost 18" in the movie when Chris is talking to their aunt and so the scene where she bones Shane could be considered child pornography.
- The aunt. She needed to get eaten.
- The semi-repeat of the original movie premise. It's different while still being the same, sadly.
- Excessive sexual content. I hate movies with excessive sex scenes. There are no reason for sex scenes in movies unless you're setting up plot. The only one that I felt was needed was the one where VS#1 was trying to get into Chris' pants at his house and he kills her on the antlers. Shower scene? Not so much.
- No Sam! I loved Sam and Michael in the first film. If you consider the fact that Michael (if he really is Chris and Nicole's dad) is dead is an understandable excuse for him to be missing. Sam? Seriously, if you're going to bring back Edgar, Sam needs to be involved.
- I now have an intense need to write Lost Boys fan fic and have a character is his either Edgar's girlfriend or daughter. Of course, she would be named "Lenore."

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