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A few random thoughts...

Okay... So I haven't been the best at updating lately. I've been quite busy actually. School, work, and the like. Oh, Oh! Anybody wanna see my midterms? Well... you're gonna. *laughs*

  • Intro to Computers: A
  • Organic Chem I: C
  • Intro to Philosophy: C
  • Biological Science: B
  • Bi Sci Lab: A

How fun is that? I need to pull ALL of those grades up to A's. Organic will be the hardest. Bi Sci will be easy. So will Philosophy... I think. I just need to read a little more. I wouldn't expect anything else BUT an A in Computers (which i have in an hour BTW). I had a test in Organic today (which i did okay on but i'm not satisfied at all!) and i have a test in Comp today, but that's gonna be easy. Its over Microsoft Excel. Neat little program that thing is. I enjoy Comp class a lot. *laughs*

Well... what have i been up to? Not much. Spent a lot of time with Stephen. I mean a lot. I spent more time at his Mother's with him than I did at school. *sigh* I don't need to do that because of my grades though. What else have i been doing? Well... I've found the cutest new game called Runescape and I think everyone needs to join and play. Its kinda like an interactive, online RP. You're this little person and you try to level yourself up by doing mining, fighting, crafting, smithing, etc... I'm a lvl 45 crafter (which is really high BTW, because no one ever works on it!) I'm on the high score list for it too. Doubt you could find me for anything else though because that's about all I work on. Now Stephen is on just about ever list on there.

Overall... Prayer... Magic... Smithing... Mining...
He plays this game all the time and just can't stop talking about it. Its almost as bad as Zoids. *laughs*

Well... Talkin' about Stephen brings me to my problem. *sighs* Actually... Its not a problem. Its more like a decision. I've been dating Stephen (off and on and off and on) since about '99. It hasn't always been the best, but there are many times when its been so very good... But now. I've started to become attached to someone else that I've talked to occationally as a friend. We've been so-so friends for .... *thinks for a minute* ... I asked him a few nights ago how long we knew each other and he said about a year. Thinking back, its not quite but almost. *Pulls up the Y!Group that we both were part of and searches for my first post* I think July would be a year. Maybe May or June. I dunno actually. Anyways. He's a wonderful writer and we have a lot of stuff in common. We expecially enjoy writing together (i.e. joint posts and such). OH! I've got to place this great post we did up in my other journal... which i need to update bad! Its so cute. He plays a Dwarf and I'm a Pixie! *laughs* It and the next one we're working on are great!
Anyways... i'm off my subject. Well... He tells me that he's been ... "smitten" is his word. *laughs* He's been smitten with me for quite a while. Hard for me to believe 'cause I think I have absolutely no powers of attraction. Okay so... He called me once before because he was havin' some trouble with his kinda-sorta-girlfriend and needed to vent to someone. So i let him call me and he vented. It was a good idea because He felt soooo much better after that, I think. He was at least laughin' and that's always a good sign. Well... Stephen and I haven't been the most loving of couples this past 2 weeks. He's been cranky because of a wisdom tooth coming in and I've been cranky because I've just been so drained from school. My mind feels like mush. Anyways...
I don't know why, but I just stared flirting with Kris. Maybe it was to get my mind off of Stephen because we had fought the night before. I mean fought. Almost a knock-down-drag-out. He was pretty pissed at me, but I know exaclty why. I've been treating him like shit lately and its not right. He deserves better than me neglecting him for other things. Well... as I was saying. I started flirting with Kris and such. I was like 'okay... so what if we flirt? Can't hurt nothin'.' Yeah right. (I think this was either last Wednesday or Thursday night.) So Friday night, he asked if he could call me again. I was reluctant at first, but I said Okay. Again... What harm could it cause? HA. So we talked from about midnight to about 3:30 a.m. I think. Seeing as it was Friday night it really didn't matter much. I don't remember if he had to go into work or not, but that's not the point.
The point is that I talked to him and found myself drawn to him. His voice is so sexy. And he tells me vice versa. But no.. I mean. Its very sexy. I like it. I could talk to him for days. *laughs*

*sigh* I'll finish this later. Gotta hurry and get to the CSM building for Computers. Just sit tight. *laughs* Hopefully I won't lose my train of thought though... o_0


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