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Okay, so we went car shopping yesterday and I've got a couple models that I'm looking at. Surprisingly enough - they're all hatchbacks. Hm.

I really liked this one because it was the only one we found that the place actually had in blue. I test drove it and it drove so well. Plus, it had most all of the bells and whistles that I wanted on it. I really liked it, BUT the lowest price we could get was $19,000. Granted, this was a brand new car with only 50 miles on it. It's on the top of my list because it is on the lot, brand new, and drove so well.

The Vibe that we looked at was a slightly used (<6,000 miles) version. It was still quite new (an '09) and had been kept up very well. I know Pontiac is a good brand and the salesman said that even with the Pontiac brand disappearing they would still be able to get parts for it. I knew this because Cameron and I had discussed that last time I took the boys out. He also informed me that the Pontiac Vibe = the Toyota Matrix in Pontiac clothing. This is pretty much true because when you looked at the sticker, it said that the engine was a Toyota engine. Funny. It had most everything I wanted, but it was red. I really don't like red. It was priced at $17,000 and, while affordable, was used. All the new ones, 2010 models, were silver and grey. I don't want a silver car damn it.

The Aveo5 is basically like the Vibe and the HHR, but it is practically an import. The car is made from 75% Korean parts and so the base model is $14,000. This was the most affordable of all, but it was the least luxurious. Still a very nice car and very much in my price range, but I'm not real sure. Plus, there are two colors that I'm looking at online that are nice. I'm not sure. If I'm going purely for affordability, I might take the Aveo5 as it's basically just like the Vibe.

I kinda think I'm holding out for the brand new HHR, but we're still in the first stages of searching. Honestly, even though I wanted a Ford, nothing there really wowed me like the hatchback cars did. I mean, they were nice. I loved the size of the Vibe compared to the HHR as it's really long, but the HHR drove so much better than that Pontiac.

I'm hoping we get this settled out sometime in the next three months as I'd really like to be driving a new car soon.

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