llewej irol (icarianbird) wrote,
llewej irol

My Own Worst Enemy

I think it's official - I have entirely lost all my muses.

I have no real will to write anymore and, while that's not horrible, it is kinda bad. I really don't care to do it any more, nor do I care to even be a part of a group. I have to force myself to keep active in what games I'm in, but otherwise I feel as if there's nothing left for me. The groups I've been in (and am currently in) have been wonderful and they've done more for me than anything I've ever had, but otherwise there's nothing left in my brain. Yes, there's the physical desire to write - the need to sit down with pencil and paper in my hands and put together something amazing just for the hell of it - but there is no satisfaction or mental stimulation that comes from it. My hands still twitch every so often with the thought of writing something absolutely awesome, but there's nothing that comes to mind.

I suppose this means that I'm on my own personal hiatus from any type of fiction until such a time that my little muses return?

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