llewej irol (icarianbird) wrote,
llewej irol


I acquired season two of Burn Notice as well as Lego Batman yesterday. I am pleased. Also, today we're going to town to officially turn my grandmother's car into my car. Totally stoked about it. Cannot wait to do it. ^_^ Great times~!

On top of all that, I'm fixing to be on a two week vacation. I work this coming weekend and then I'm off for 11 days. Wooooooooooooo! Sometime in the middle of that I'm going to be helping mom move my brother into his new apartment at ASU. I haven't been able to help do that in several years and I'm kinda excited. This is supposed to be Wade's last year there and I'm excited for him. Two college graduates - my parents are going to be so effin' proud that they're gonna bust. I just wish my grandmother could've seen Wade graduate. I'm glad she got to see me do it. Dad was actually surprised that I had a vacation. He asked me if I'd worked there long enough to get a vacation, but I've been at Harris for six months. Six months. Can you really believe it's been that long? I can't. I'm really loving my job though. I dread the getting up and going, but once I'm there I'm happy. It's so fun working with Juanita and my weekend/night crew is outstanding. I keep telling everyone that if I ever had to go to the ER, it's going to be after seven pm and/or on the weekends. Of course, I'd already be there on the weekends so I shouldn't ever have to go to the ER then. Lol.

Anybody wanna make plans for that weekend? We need to do something. I know I'll probably be at wrestling that Saturday because I really miss going and watching. I love it because it's just so damn great. I mean it's not WWE or anything, but I find myself being able to get more into it. Maybe it's just because I'm there and it's live? Or maybe it's because I like seeing Matt and Morgan making asses of themselves? It's really great watching Matt get his ass kicked too. Lol. He plays the whipping boy so well though definitely not as well as his brother (Sorry, Matt - Morgan has more practice with getting his ass kicked).

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