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I don't know what it is, but watching the show Horders on A&E instantly makes me go pick up all the clothes out of my room and start on laundry. I think it's the feeling that I simply DO NOT want to end up like that. I'm not necessarily a hoarder. I'm actually just too damn lazy to clean my room. I'd rather be doing something else and, more likely than not, when I have my own home I'm going to find a way to budget in someone to clean the place. Seriously. I hate housekeeping. I swear I should've been born a boy with all my non-girly tendencies. Then again, I like being a girl. I think it's that I'm just lazy.

Also - BIOSHOCK FTW! I was entirely creeped out by the game when I first turned it on. I mean - the Big Daddies and Little Sisters are thoroughly creepy. I only knew that they were the "RAWR MONSTERS!" of the game and so I was figuring it would be harder than it is. Okay, so I AM playing it on easy so maybe that's why I've taken out five Big Daddies with such ease, eh? Electrobuckshot ftw as well. Big Daddies don't stand a chance against it.

I'm finding the gameplay great even though I thoroughly suck at FPS's. I mean, I'm horrible. Brian can testify as he's played CoD (was it CoD or MoH? Anyway...) with me. I'm pretty damn bad. Now, the puzzle-like areas are pretty easy for me. I just keep getting lost and wandering back into areas I've already been in. I wish the little arrow that comes up would stay up whenever I'm trying to do something. I need direction.

SummerSlam Sunday night was pretty good. BTW, boys. The "fan" was plant. I'm 100% sure of it because of how they worded it on their website.

"Realizing he must face Cena were he to keep his precious gold, Orton reluctantly climbed into the ring. After the two engaged one another, Cena appeared mere seconds from victory when an overzealous member of the WWE Universe charged the ring and accosted the referee. As security swarmed, The Viper took advantage of the distraction, quickly confronting Cena and administering a devastating RKO to pin his foe for the win."

I think they're setting up a whole thing with Cena being screwed out of the title and such.

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