llewej irol (icarianbird) wrote,
llewej irol

Eh. I forgot to go back to work last week (or this week) in order to get training done on the new ACL Elite. *headdesk* Totally told Trish I would do that and I forgot. I finally remembered when I had a note from my pawpaw when I got in tonight. I was like, "Why do I need to call work?" So I asked him why and he said it had something to do with a machine and I needed to go in 30 minutes early. It hit me like a bolt (as all things do) and I realized what it was. I can't believe I forgot, but the first week I was off all I did was sleep. I mean literally all I did was sleep. I was extremely happy to sleep and be a couch potato. It was great.

I've got to go back to work tomorrow and that's cool. I mean, I had the best time while I was off. Went to wrestling and saw the friends. Lots and lots of fun. Played with the girls which was the best thing evar! I love playing with Shan and Addy. It makes my day.

Okay... maybe more later. Watching Iron Chef!

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