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Have you ever stayed up all night talking to someone?

Well, dammit, I have. I did it last night. I've come to the conclusion that Kris is gonna pass out before he'll quit talkin' to me on the phone... And I like it! *laughs* Although he said he is fixin' to get a promotion soon so that means no more all nighters. *cries* Too bad. The problem is that I just won't ever let him go because his tired and sleepy voice is just so damn sexy! Yes... it is. You'd just have to hear it to understand.

*sighs and dreams*

We had a loooong conversation last night. He was fairly upset because he had been doin' a bit too much thinking. I told him that thinking will just give him wrinkles *laughs* but apparently he doesn't believe me. *sighs* I'm seriously thinkin' about goin' and seein' him. How and when, I don't know. I just want to see him and spend time with him. Then maybe I could decide just how much I love him. And I do love him. How much and how deeply still remains to be seen. I told him last night *laughs* and he said that a bit of a shock, like electricity, ran through him. *laughs again* I find that quite amazing.
I'm so comfortable with him. I think we have a connection that's different that others who I have met and known. Something deeper than just the natural. Maybe even supernatural. *Creepy music plays in the background* I mean, I don't wanna sound like a complete idiot or anything, but I do believe that. I've been more open to him in ... oh say... a week's worth of phone calls than I had ever been to my friends who I had known for years. And I mean YEARS. Amazing isn't it?

Well... I've got to go see about registering for my same dorm room for the Fall semester now so I might type a lil more later.


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