llewej irol (icarianbird) wrote,
llewej irol

Just searching through old posts in ~maliciousintent makes me stressed and depressed. Not only is it because of all the stuff that went on, but also because I can feel just how horrible I was feeling during those 18 months I was in Little Rock. I was depressed and just miserable and so I ranted and raved in my journal. >_< I think I'll put memories for the posts I want to be able to reference again (writing stuff, bios, etc) and then just never look at the rest again. Just going through it makes me want to cry. Shit. I wonder what going through this one would do? Probably not the same thing that one does. This one was a little more light-hearted and I've really only kept it up while I was "home" rather than in Little Rock. Thank god. I'd rather not be depressed reading it.

Working on a CDJ to store all my bios so that I don't have to look for them anymore—~mypaddedroom. I need to remember to pull bios from LJ too. I suppose that means this is a note to remember to do that. I'm absolutely going to finish this thing this time.

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