llewej irol (icarianbird) wrote,
llewej irol

TV Avoidance

I've decided to avoid the news for a while in order to not have to watch the same bullshit over and over. If it's not Tiger Woods, it's the healthcare bill. I am so tired of all that. I don't care if Tiger had an affair. It's not my problem. I also am sick and tired of listening to the Republicans bitch that they weren't able to help the Democrats make their healthcare bill when they always do everything they can in their power to go against them (and vice versa). It's like listening to siblings squabble with each other and never shutting up. It has worn me down so much that I really don't give a damn about the thing anymore. So... I shall be avoiding the news for a while just to see if I can get rid of some of the negative energy that is clinging to everything around me. I just can't stand to feel so angry like this anymore. The whole thing, no matter how much I am for it, is just pissing me off. Every time I tell people to just chill out and see what happens, they go into some kind of Republican-rage and tell me the world is going to end. Dems aren't any better because they just have some kind of smug smile on their face and seem to be going, "Nahnah-nahnah-boo-boo!" Ugh.

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