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Well... So far I've had kinda a good weekend. Nothing much good or bad. Just kinda here. No call for the job yet. I guess i'll just have to apply for the local waitress position. *BLAH* measly pay... measly tips. *Grrr* Its still money though. And I still need it. Hopefully I can get something. I'm just so tired of trying to weasle money out of my parents.
I was talking to Brian but he had to go. And i was just talking to Leslie, but she went to bed. *Sigh* there's no one to talk to. I could talk to Andi. Or Karin. I dunno. Whatever. I've like completely lost touch with Meta. He's worried bout Xan, but i'm sure she's fine and on vacation somewhere. He's going all RL... I guess I am too. I'm never home. Or at least... i try not to be. Home means i might get roped into cleaning my room or doing the dishes. But i don't get to play on the net. *Sigh* I'm just ready for something to happen. Either my clubs to pick up or for me to get a job. Either way I won't be bored. My clubs really need to pick up. Its kinda sad. You'd think that during the summer they'd pick up, but seeing as all the members are my age and older I realize that summer isn't summer anymore. Its 4 or 5 hot months when everyone is working. *Grrr* Whatever. I guess I'll go for now. I'd like to see what all i can do to my MSN Community. FenixFire Tavern & Inn It's a nice site. I've been trying to fix it up pretty good, but I'm not sure if it will survive this drought. There's nothing going on. All my players have disappeared. That's pretty much all my clubs thought. My favorite Star Wars RP ... SWPOTJ2 ... is even slow. There's another SW group I'm in that's not too slow, but I really just don't feel like playing with them. *sigh* That's my luck. Well... i guess i'll go for now.


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